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When one cannot distinguish truth from lies and secrets from reality, it is hard to know what to hold on to and what to let go of. I Would Tell You a Secret is a collection of existential poems that explore the questions between discovery and self doubt, and what it means to be in a body that is always in transition. It navigates the very personal narrative of the author’s life, from physical transition, to growing up in dysfunction, the loss of family early in life, and the process of recovery from alcoholism and addiction. They tell their story of unlearning old narratives, and the navigation of deep grief and shame, while sitting in both despair and awe at the same time. This collection of poems mischievously dance between healing and activism, tangling personal growth and collective freedom from systemic oppression intentionally and with dependence. I Would Tell You a Secret takes the reader through this narrative in a non-linear way, seeking to not shine light on the dark spots, but to instead allow the reader to sit accompanied in the dark.

Video by Lee Niebor
Poetry by Hayden Dansky
Music by Låpsley

©Megan Newton Photography 2019 All Rights Reserved

Photography by Megan Newton
Poetry by Hayden Dansky
Music by Hozier, performed by Matthew Cox

Original music by Miles Wilder. Poetry by Hayden Dansky. This piece tells the story of Hayden’s mother coming to visit as a ghost. Performed at the Laughing Goat in Boulder, CO 11.20.18

Original music by Miles Wilder. Poetry by Hayden Dansky. Performed at the Laughing Goat 11.20.18. This piece was originally a collaborative piece with Blake Marcelle, which can be seen below.

Line not captured: “The way I carry myself has convinced them that I’m tall.”
Original poetry by Blake Marcelle and Hayden Dansky. Song is “Hero” by Family of the Year.

This is a collaboration including an original poem along Ricchi Machado playing Apes of the States, “Strangers.” Performed at the Queen Cafe in October 2017.



This piece, is a new experiment with a loop pedal. Performed in October of 2019.

Snapping Turtle from Allison Blakeney on Vimeo.

Poem: “Snapping Turtle” by Hayden Dansky Dance/ Choreography: by Allison Blakeney (2018)

“Queering Love” music by SYML