Hayden Dansky is a transgender nonbinary rural queer kid trying their best to not to be smothered by capitalism. They have been writing and performing poetry for several years, and are currently collaborating with local experimental musicians, dancers and videographers to create performances that encompass multiple disciplines.

Their most recent written poetry can be found in Bible Belt Queers, Thought for Food, South Broadway Ghost Society Online Journal, and Spit Poet Volume 8. Hayden just published their first full poetry book, I Would Tell You a Secret, with Atmosphere press. 

They are also the Executive Director of Boulder Food Rescue, a nonprofit working to create a more just and less wasteful food system, through the sustainable redistribution of healthy food and participatory and community-led food access systems. Through this work they decrease barriers to food access, increase community-participation, and educate other human service nonprofits about how to dismantle the nonprofit industrial complex from within by shifting power and creating dynamic participatory systems internally and externally. 

When they aren’t writing, or organizing for food access, they are in the woods with their old dog, finding amazing things in dumpsters, or cooking and preserving absurd amounts of food. 

Performance Places

  • Grammatically (In)Correct:
    • The Dairy Theater, Boulder
    • Broomfield Performing Arts Theater, Broomfield
    • Boulder Circus Center, Boulder
  • A Funeral For Hopes and Dreams:
    • Still Cellars, Longmont
    • Fringe Festival, Fort Collins
  • Poetry:
    • The Dairy Theater, Boulder
    • Various venues across Boulder and Denver
    • Colorado Photographic Arts Center, Denver


Allison and Hayden perform Grammatically (In)Correct at the Boulder Circus Center

Co-Author of Food Justice Publications

  • Participation Framework: Boulder Food Rescue, 2020: A guide for nonprofits to becoming more participatory and inclusive
  • Food Access in Boulder, CO: Boulder Food Rescue, 2021: A qualitative analysis on food access barriers and recommendations.
  • The Package Deal: Boulder Food Rescue, Revised edition 2019: How to start your own food rescue guide
  • Food Waste Audit: Boulder Food Rescue, 2016: An audit of food waste in Boulder, CO