Due to their small stature, fear of strangers, clenched jaw, and adventurous running-away kind of spirit, Hayden is good at hiding. However, Hayden’s poetry is an attempt to learn something new. It is an attempt to give words to shame and to share space with darkness without always having shine light on it. Their poetry is a process of letting their flesh breathe, of opening from a tiny quiet ball of a human, of finding oneself and sharing a body that is always in process. Hayden is a transgender nonbinary rural queer kid trying their best to not to be smothered by capitalism.

Currently, they are creating and collaborating with local experimental musicians and dancers to create performances that encompass multiple disciplines. They have no published works or awards, but one time a British literary scholar compared them to Shakespeare. They are also a food justice organizer and work to create more participatory and accessible food systems.